Monday, March 30, 2009

Half-Marathon #5

Wallis sent this one in to get us all moving on a Monday morning: "Here is a pic of my husband, Joe, running his 5th half-marathon. He started running three years ago, and averages 20-30 miles a week. Last year he ran 1100 miles! He started running at age 43; previously he practiced yoga for 3 years. He still occasionally does yoga, but loves being outside in the fresh air, getting his blood pumping!"


cheryl said...

I just came back from Florida where tomatoes and other yummy veggies are in season. My winter diet is soooo craving a good farmers market here in Maryland- I can't wait! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos!

cheryl said...

sorry i posted the comment under the wrong post. congrats to Joe on all his half- marathons :)

Ilana said...

Well I have finally devoted myself to getting into shape (I am thin, but I am what I call "skinny-fat"), and while I am lightyears away from running a marathon, I have been getting on the treadmill regularly, which far surpasses my usual fitness routine (aka, walking to the bus). This blog is inspiring. Thanks :)