Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Raw Nachos

Melissa Cohen writes, "These are my organic raw-vegan take on nachos: homemade tomato and pepper flax crackers, marinated mushrooms, cashew cheese, backyard kale, sprouted lentils, and backyard tomatoes ... so yummy!"


Cool Fusion said...

How do you make flax crackers?

isla vista food co-op said...

super easy :)
just grind up some flax
then food process together tomatoes and peppers with some spices of your choice (or any other veggies that you like, the recipe is really really flexible)
then mix together with the flax.
if you have a dehydrator, spread thinly on teflex sheets at dry at 105deg overnight.
if you don't have a dehydrator, spread thinly on parchment paper on the flip side of a baking sheet, open your oven door a little bit, and turn the temp as low as it will go. then dry for a day (when you're around to keep an eye on them). if you don't care about keeping it raw, i bet you could bake them in the oven at 250 or 300 deg for a short time, just keep an eye on them.
that's all.
:) melissa