Thursday, April 9, 2009

The People Have Spoken!

...well, actually, the People Have Clicked on Little Buttons!

The white rice and dairy polls are closed, and in both cases 67% of you said, "Show me everything you've got!"

Allrighty then! As of today I will start including the submissions I receive that, although they are predominately whole-food and plant-based, include white rice or a small amount of dairy.

Remember, please, before you criticize (and oh, I know you will), that I am not "endorsing" or "advocating" processed foods or dairy products as health foods, nor am I "featuring" them as the focal point of a healthy meal. I'm presenting submissions that are focused on inspiring, healthy, plant-based foods, and that can easily be made with brown rice instead or without that sprinkle of cheese.

Some of you have suggested that I include a comment on the posts suggesting healthier alternatives; I think that's a good idea and will endeavor to do so. I also will be tagging all posts that have dairy as "not vegan"; I'm not sure if there's a way to filter out posts based on their labels (I've been looking into it with no success, so if anyone knows how please let us know in the comments).

Thank you to everyone who voted!


Zucchini Breath said...

Let omnivores decide for you and the terrorists win

Anonymous said...

:( That's disappointing. I liked it better when it was vegan. I find nothing healthy about dairy- small amounts or otherwise. I would think this way whether I was vegan [i am] or not. And for white rice, well, I don't see why it'd be included in a blog devoted to whole foods. If people want to start a quasi-healthy foods blog including white rice and diary, then let them. It's too bad you've decided to include dairy, really. :(

Zachary said...

I think it's extremely close-minded to reject ideas because they may include something you wouldn't normally include in your diet. A lot of great veg*an cooking is the result of finding alternatives to non plant-based foods that are loved in our society.

The point of this blog was to post "INSPIRING IMAGES OF THE THINGS THAT MAKE AND KEEP US HEALTHY" with an emphasis on plant-based foods and I don't believe small amounts of dairy or white rice are going to ruin the mission of this project...especially since conscientious consumers can easily decide NOT to include something featured here in their own diet based upon their food beliefs through either substitution or omission.

Zucchini Breath said...

No one is touching on the fact that killing animals to eat them & enslaving them to steal their bodily fluids just because you think they taste good is wrong

Anonymous said...

I think people are getting a little too upset about this. I am a vegan, and my ex and I still collaborate on a vegan newsletter. One of the sections is about making the switch to a vegan lifestyle, and we always say-do not judge people making the switch just to vegetarianism. Unless you have very enlightened parents, we have all been there. And dudes-we still live in a society where almost everyone still eats meat, let alone dairy and white bread, etc. Any step towards a healthy, plant based meal is a step waaaay in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I still agree with Zucchini Breath. I'm still pretty surprised that a vegan would have a blog promoting consumption of animal products.

If you're vegan, you should support and promote vegan lifestyles.

abigail said...

I'm excited to see lots of beautiful food, and if being only vegan means fewer inspiring things to see, then we should rally around this change! I entirely understand and appreciate the vegan food, but that's not what this blog is about. If it is, someone needs to change the header.
I mean, seriously, if there are pictures of triathlons and yoga, which aren't food, then I think a bit of Parmesan won't hurt anyone. And I love that she's going to suggest alternatives to recipes. I think that should happen in every recipe, not just nonvegan ones. diversity is key to an inspiring diet!

Zucchini Breath said...

Abigail, If no one were being hurt, it wouldn't be an issue for me. Unfortunately, when you eat dairy and eggs, someone does get hurt.

Cheese hurts cows.
Eggs hurt chickens.

Even if you think animals don't count consider this: animals today raised on factory farms have had their genes manipulated and have been pumped full of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals to encourage high productivity. These antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals go into you if you eat animal products.
The truth is a little Parmesan hurts a lot.

sweet alyssum said...

several of my friends have chickens (or ducks) and the chickens have never been hurt by us eating the eggs. they simply lay the eggs just as you or I do. (well, we pass eggs) and sustainably, responsible milking does not hurt the cow any more than my friend's son hurts her. Granted, most dairy and eggs are not from responsible farmers, but some is.
As to white rice, sometimes it is the best thing for a sick stomach - and helps you regain your health if you've lost it.

abigail said...

thank you alyssum, I didn't know how to reply without hurting someone again, as i obviously did not do a good job of expressing myself in my previous comment.
What I was getting at is that people WILL eat cheese, and they WILL eat eggs, but seeing a picture of that meal won't hurt you. And when you do see those pictures, they're obviously from well rounded healthy individuals, so we can all just imagine that they got that cheese and eggs from responsibly managed farms, or their own backyard hen house.
I don't really like white rice, so I don't have anything to add to that one.
I guess my point still is, this site is about healthy food, not vegan food, and if its intentions are otherwise, it should advertise itself thusly, and should have since the beginning. I mean, who knows, maybe those who started the original site ( are vegan, we just don't know, because it's not about their opinions, it's about the food.