Friday, May 15, 2009

Cantaloupe Milk Smoothie

Here's a smoothie idea that's totally new to me, from Zucchini Breath and her Big Raw Vegan Blog:

"Next time you get a cantaloupe save the skins, seeds, and strings. Keep them in an airtight container in the fridge. The next morning make yourself this delicious Cantaloupe Milk Smoothie.

"Scrape the rinds to get all the meat and juice that you can. Put the seeds, strings and any cantaloupe meat you have in the blender. Add 3 cups of water or less, do not over fill the blender.

"Blend until the seeds are pulverized. There is meat inside the seeds and this is what makes this smoothie so creamy.

"Pour the mixture into fine mesh strainer and press it through. Pour the thick juice into a large glass or jar and drink it up. Refrigerate leftovers and drink within three days.

"NOTE: I drink this smoothie on an empty stomach and don't eat anything for 4 hours after I finish it. If I combine this with any other foods I get some harsh intestinal difficulties. You might not, I'm just saying. The rule of thumb for me with melon is 'Eat it alone or leave it alone'."


Anonymous said...

Just a note: cantaloupe seeds used as described in this post are safe to eat. However, the embryos in sprouting cantaloupe seeds may produce a toxin. Any time you are exploring new seeds and sprouts, do some background work to make sure you are treading safe ground.

Zucchini Breath said...

Thanks for linking to me. This is one of my favorite smoothies, such a sweet, juicy treat! I didn't know that about the sprouts, geometrician, thanks for the advice. I better go do some more research!