Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cucumber and Radish Rounds

Iris sent in this great healthy appetizer idea: "Here's an appetizer I made today of cucumber and radish rounds topped with a mushroom, almond, and sunflower seed pate."


Iris said...

You can check out the rest of my raw and gluten free day at

My name is Marygrace. said...

Hi Jennifer,

My name is Marygrace Taylor, and I'm writing from KIWI Magazine--a national parenting publication with a focus on natural and organic living. Since I was unable to find any contact information for you on either of your blogs, I'm hoping I can reach you via comment!

I'm writing a piece on what parents can do when their kids are introduced to foods they wouldn't choose to serve at home. I've been a follower of the Vegan Lunchbox blog for years, and thought you might be a great person to speak with for this. If you're interested in setting up a short interview, you can reach me at

Marygrace Taylor
Staff Writer, KIWI Magazine