Monday, December 7, 2009

Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Selene writes, "Both my husband and I had the worst flu ever last week. Our parents collectively gave us loads of fruits to help us through it all, including a bunch of raspberries. Wanting something yummy, but not wanting anything unhealthy that would send me back into the throes of this horrible illness, I made a chocolate raspberry tart: fresh raspberries and rich raw chocolate sauce top a raw nutty chocolate shell. It's like a super delicious dose of antioxidants!"

Recipe at Veganlicious.


Tom Bailey said...

This dish looks GREAT! You have a wealth of great things on your blog for vegans.

I spent some time reviewing your blog and really like it. I am vegan although I do not blog about it. I have a number of vegans reading my blog and leaving comments. (opinion - there are tons of VERY intelligent vegans) they have an interesting world view and often are very charitable people and like to give back.

Vegans ROCK!

Thank you so much for sharing.