Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dragon Fruit

Another post from Liz in Nicaragua: "I wanted to share a favorite fruit juice we call pitaya - in English, I believe it is dragon fruit. Derived from a cactus, pitaya fruit is tangy and pungent, high in Vitamin C, fiber, and many minerals.

"We make a sweet lemonade and blend the pitaya in to create a gorgeous and nutritious refreshment!"


Emily C said...

mmm I love the dehydrated dragon fruit leather at Trader Joe's. It's such a fun color and tastes like taffy!

Angel said...

What a beautiful colour. I've never seen one this deep pink/purple. I ate a lot of dragon fruit when I was in Shanghai ^_^

Ilana said...

I love dragon fruit! I ate it all the time in both Nicaragua and Thailand, but the Thai dragon fruit were white.