Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Healthy Holiday

Nicholina writes, "We were, indeed, healthy and active this Thanksgiving. We started our day by snowshoeing 3.5 miles up to a lookout tower we were renting. We had very heavy packs because we were carrying all of our delicious and vegan food for our Thanksgiving feast.

"Our menu was tiny roasted baby potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, sauteed green beans with almonds, whole grain sourdough rolls, stuffing made with whole grain spelt bread, tempeh and homemade cranberry relish. The whole shebang was oil-free, vegan and oh-so-yummy.

"My 11 year old (the short one carrying the pack) was so excited about our meal and kept exclaiming how happy she was that she could eat absolutely everything without worries about it being vegan.

"Later in the evening, we indulged in homemade blueberry pie topped with cashew whipped cream.

"We spent the next couple days playing in the snow and enjoying the lookout before hiking back down to come on home. If you like, you can read more about our trip at The Mournful Cry of the Laundry."


Angel said...

What an absolutely perfect Thanksgiving! ^_^

denise said...

Inspirational! Something to work toward with my own family :)