Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sprout Salad

Laura writes, "I keep a never-ending jar of mixed sprouts (quinoa, red lentils, brown lentils, mung beans, chick peas) going pretty much all the time. It makes it so easy to make a healthy and filling lunch. This particular salad had a bit of red cabbage, a few spoons of left over Israeli couscous, and half of a chopped tomato. I topped it with a spritz of olive oil and a few shakes of balsamic vinegar. Yum!"

Visit Food From a Former Fat Girl for the recipe!


Kara said...

This looks very tasty and filling!

Lele said...

What a great idea! I always have brown rice around, and make squajillions of rice bowls (cause you can go kinda Mexican or kinda Asian depending on your ingredients/mood) but I totally love sprouts and love this idea too!

The Cooking Lady said...

I have sprouted lentils and adzuku(sp?), but my black beans were not so good and I am trying out alfalfa this upcoming week.