Monday, August 2, 2010

BodyRock TV

Mandy wrote this from Seoul:
"...there is a website that I've discovered that has been a life saver since I moved here. The gym in our area is incredibly expensive and running hurts my knees, so I was at a loss as to how to stay fit. Luckily I found Zuzana! Her blog is full of fun, short exercise routines that can be done in your own house with minimal or zero equipment. They are also incredibly intense, so even 15 minutes feels like sweating at the gym for an hour or more."
Follow the link to Body Rock TV for Zuzana's inspiring videos of short interval workouts you can do at home using your own body weight and minimal equipment.

Thanks, Mandy!


Jes said...

omigosh, someone else knows she exists! I watch her routines at work and then replicate them at home. When I tell my friends about her, they think it's some kind of porn, but they are awesome routines and really give you a workout when you're short on time!

Gina Mosca said... husband has been obsessed with this website for about a year. Zuzana is like his guru.