Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seitan & Spinach

Seitan & Spinach with brown rice (from the cookbook Veganomicon).

Submitted by Stephanie.


Anonymous said...

mmm I have yet to try to make my own seitan... looks delish! I love your blog-- so healthy and inspiring.

itsok2bgreen said...

I have all of your books but find cooking vegan very frustrating. I am not a creative person in the kitchen and unfortunately I didn't have a mother that liked cooking or was creative at all. Total meat and potatoes youth until I went to college. I love cooking and want to remain a vegan but have no clue how to cook tofu, seitan, tempe or any other meat substitute. I am very intimidated by cooking vegan, everything seems so complex and takes alot of preparation. As a mother of a ADHD kid, I want to cook vegan and without sugar but want it fast, healthy and yummy. I feel like I have to take a cooking class or several classes just to cook vegan or anything else. I have a hard time knowing what would be good together etc. Help.