Friday, September 4, 2009

Rice Bowl and Restaurant Recommendation

Here's another pretty picture from Natalie: "This rice bowl is my adaptation of the wonderful dishes served at Fresh Restaurants in Toronto. It has a bed of brown rice topped with satay tofu steaks (vegan, purchased at grocery store), avocado, tomatoes, chickpeas and a wedge of lemon. The dressing is Sesame Miso Sauce (also vegan) from the book Fresh at Homeby Ruth Brown and Jennifer Houston, the owner and head chef respectively of the Toronto restaurants.

"If you're ever in Toronto, be sure to check out one of several Fresh restaurants - they're just wonderful. I lived in Canada for three years, and ate at Fresh whenever I could. Now that I'm back home in Australia, I try my best to recreate their beautiful food and juices - thank goodness for cookbooks!"


Becky said...

We have restaurants here in the QC called the FRESH EXPRESS that serve similar dishes... good... whole... healthy foods!!! This looks delish! Thanks for posting!
Love & Light~
OM girl

CK said...

I love eating at Fresh when visiting my Daughter who is at U of T. She lives just around the corner from one on Bloor. It is always busy but always worth the wait.

I will have to look for the cook book or better yet, have my Daughter get it for me for the holidays.


Anonymous said...

I wish there was a Fresh in Los looks fantastic.

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Jess said...

fresh is my favorite vegan restaurant... now hat I live in Edmonton, I'm stuck with trying to recreate the experience through the cookbook. Unfortunately, it's hard to get good , fresh, organic produce, or some of the grains and spices they call for locally.