Friday, May 29, 2009

Chard Ragout

"I'm a member of a local CSA and we received chard, potatoes, and onions in our box this week. I'd never used chard in anything before, but decided a recipe for Chard Ragout was too good to pass up. It's got white beans, potatoes, onions, chard, and various herbs in it. No broth--just the water the beans were cooked in. Tastes delicious too!"


Jennifershmoo said...

I'm going to be picking up a couple bunches of chard at the farmer's market tomorrow. This looks delicious!

Pink said...

is it possible to post recipes along w/pix?
these all look delish and would like to try my hand at cooking them.

Jennifershmoo said...

If submissions come in with a link to the recipe I always include it, but sometimes a description is all I get. Maybe that's because the cook improvised or doesn't use recipes, or perhaps they don't know where the recipe came from.

I would recommend if there is no recipe, start by doing a Google search. For example, I just did a Google search for "chard ragout recipe" and found this one that I think matches the description on this post: